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2. Testing

2.2 Mechanical Torque Measurement of a Wind Turbine Drive Train under Test on the Nacelle Test Bench Dynalab
H. Zhang, N. Eich, M. Pilas,Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven

2.3 IEA Wind TCP Task 35 Full Size Ground Testing for Wind Turbines and their Components:Defining Unified Test Load Cases for Nacelle Design Validation Tests
T. Duda, G. Jacobs, D. Bosse, RWTH Aachen University

2.4 Influence on MN•m Torque Measurement in Multi-MW Nacelle Test Benches
S. Kock, G. Jacobs, D. Bosse, RWTH Aachen University

2.6 Influence of the Detail of an Onshore Wind Turbine Model in Respect to the Soil and Structure to the Load Calculation
A. Werkmeister, G. Jacobs, R. Schelenz, J. Berroth, P. Michel, R. Fontchea, RWTH Aachen

2.7 Transience Statistics for Fatigue Load Assessment
G. More, SgurrEnergy, Glasgow

5. Remote Sensing

5.1 Performance of MERRA2 Data Compared to Floating LiDAR
J. Bendfeld, S. Balluff, S. Wübbeke, S. Krauter, Paderborn University

5.4 See Session 3

5.5 See Session 13

5.6 Windcube LiDAR: Assessment of the Repeatability and Stability Through Years of Validation
P. Mazoyer, F. Rebeyrat, C. Hermaszewski, Leosphere

5.7 See Session 11

5.8 Velocity Linear Display (VLD) LiDAR Methods
P. J. M. Clive, SgurrEnergy, Glasgow

6. Operation / Acceptance / LTE

6.1 See Session 2

6.3 Risk Assessment for Light Aircraft Landing Trajectories in Windy Atmosphere and Near Windfarms
E. Daniele, J. Schmidt, B. Stoevesandt, Fraunhofer IWES, Oldenburg; C. Varriale, A. De Marco, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

6.4 Effective Noise Mitigation for Today’s very Big Piling Systems in Deep Waters
K.-H. Elmer, OffNoise-Solutions GmbH

6.5 Ice Piece Database thrown by Wind Turbines in Switzerland
S. C. Müller, S. Koller, S. Bourgeois, Meteotest

6.7 Previsualization of Wind Turbines in the Web Browser as Augmented Reality
A. Durdel, J. Loviscach, FH Bielefeld

6.8 See Session 5

6.10 Analysing the Match of Heating Load and Wind Turbine Production for Different Regions in Northern Europe
H. G. Beyer, University of the Faroe Islands, Torshavn

6.11 A Technology Matrix for Bird and Bat Collision Avoidance at Wind Turbines
F. Schoden, J. Loviscach, FH Bielefeld

6.12 Response Deficit Analysis in Wind Farm Performance Monitoring
A. Keane, SgurrEnergy, Glasgow

6.14 Uncertainty Calculations and Sensitivities on Life Extension Calculations
J. J. Ripa, S. Lopez, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)

6.15 Estimation of the Potential for Wind Energy Use in the Northwest of Lower Saxony
B. Neddermann, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)

6.16 Wind Energy in Vietnams Power Development Plan
B. U. Schyska, D. Heinemann, University of Oldenburg; A. Kies, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies; D. T. Viet, The University of Danang

6.17 Lifetime Extension of Wind Power Plants from the Economic Point of View
J. Leichhauer, Hochschule Flensburg

3. Simulation Wind & Turbine

3.1 see Session 1

3.3 The Principles of Measure-Correlate-Predict Methods
D. Hanslian, Academy of Sciences, Prague

3.4 see Session 1

3.5 Reconstruction of Speed, Direction, and Turbulence Data across Meteorological Towers to improve Wind Farm Production Estimates
T. Lambert, B. O’Loughlin, N. Robinson, UL AWS Truepower

3.7 A Generic Comparison of Offshore Site Conditions between Europe and USA
G. Wolken-Möhlmann, L. Baise and E. Hines, Tufts University, Medford

3.8 See Session 17

3.10 Verification of MacCamy-Fuchs Theory and Its Influence on Wind Turbine Loading
M. Leimeister, P. Thomas, Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven

3.11 Sensor-Assisted Monitoring of the Production of Rotor Blades for Wind Power Plants
P. Zapp, D. Akin, DLR e.V. Stade

3.12 Simulation and Validation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
M. Hänler, M. Beyer, Windrad Engineering GmbH; R. Tschullik,D. Jatman, U. Ritschel, LWET University of Rostock

3.13 See Session 1

3.14 Control-Oriented Modeling for Wind Turbine State Estimation and Dynamic Simulation
B. Ritter, Industrial Science GmbH powered by IAV; U. Konigorski, Technical University of Darmstadt

3.15 Effect of Structural Damages to Natural Frequencies of an Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structure
Z. Naveed, S. Tewolde, R. Höffer, Ruhr University Bochum

3.16 Characterisation of the Atmospheric Stability on the Basis of Site Specific Parameters
K. Mönnich, B. Jimenez, J. Bruns, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)

4. Measuring Methods

4.1 Rotor Blade Temperature Monitoring with Material Integrated Wireless Sensor Tags
F. Berkemeyer, M. Salas, G. Dumstorff, W. Lang, IMSAS Univ.ersity of Bremen; M. Brink, J.-H. Ohlendorf, K.-D. Thoben, BIK Univ. of Bremen

4.2 Measuring Lightning Currents on Wind Turbines
J. Birkl, DEHN+SÖHNE GmbH + Co. KG.; E. Shulzenko, Technische Universität Ilmenau

4.3 Measurements of Atmospheric Turbulence with an Customized 2d-ALCA
T. Reichsteina, A. P. Schaffarczyk, University of Applied Sciences Kiel; J. Puczylowski, M. Hölling, ForWind Oldenburg; D. Stein, GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH

4.4 See Session 2

4.5 See Session 5

4.6 The Transition Piece Method: an IEC Compliant LiDAR Method for Offshore Wind Turbine Power Curve Tests – an Update
P. J. M. Clive, SgurrEnergy

4.7 See Session 15

4.8 Wind-LiDAR with Improved Range Resolution
E. Brinkmeyer, P.Markmann, G. Peters, Metek GmbHM; C. Bollig, A. Falkenberg, Abacus Laser

4.9 Development of an On-Site Device to Measure Corrosion Load and Impact to Rotor Blades of a Wind Turbine
M. Wagner, R. Jatkowski, Seilpartner Windkraft GmbH; M. Mühlbauer, P. U. Thamsen, TU Berlin

4.10 Implementation of the FINO-Wind Database Standardisation for the FINO Platforms
R. K. Frühmann, T. Neumann, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI); B. Tinz, T. Leiding, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Hamburg; C. Senet, Bundesamt für Seeschiffart und Hydrographie, Hamburg; S. Müller, T. Ziems, Wind-consult, Bargeshagen; I. Bastigkeit, B. Lange, Fraunhofer IWES, Bermerhaven; P. Schwenk, D. Stein, DNV-GL, Hamburg

4.11 The First Demonstration of Power Performance Stabilization by LiDAR-Assisted Turbine Control
Y. Kamada, T. Maeda, K. Morimoto, Mie University, Japan; N. Kotake, Y. Kajiyama, S. Kameyama, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan