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17 October 2017

Opening Session

Room 1: Borgward Saal

09:00  Opening Words
Bruce Bailey, VP Renewable Energy (UL International)
 Opening Address
Ronny Meyer, State Council of the Senator for Environment, Urban Development & Transportation of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
 Germany’s Research Programme for Renewable Energy
Dr. Georg Menzen, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI)
 Status and Outlook on the Development of Wind Turbine Technology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter, Fraunhofer IWES

Coffee Break

1. Simulation Wind

Room 1: Borgward Saal — Chairpersons: T. Mengelkamp, B. Stoevesandt

11:00  Study of Multimodal Probability Distributive Function and its Effects in Windy States of India (E)
M. C. Lavanya, K. Boopathi, T. S. Kumar, R. Katyal, N. Nishanthini, National Institute of Wind Energy Chennai
11:15Influence of Turbulence Characteristics on Power Production
F. Kelberlau, T. Bracchi, NTNU, Trondheim
11:30 Multiple Synoptic Scale Correlate Predict (MSSCP) (E)
H. Frey, WindDataSuite
11:45Anemos Wind Atlas Improvements Based on a New Remodelling Approach
M. Schneider, A. Glücksmann, A. Weiter, H.-T. Mengelkamp, anemos GmbH
12:00Discussion & Poster Pitching

Lunch Break

2. Fault Detection

Room 2: Kaisen Saal — Chairpersons: P. W. Cheng, H. Söker

11:00  Failure Behaviour of Power Converters in Wind Turbines(D)
K. Pelka, K. Fischer, Fraunhofer IWES, Hannover
11:15Extreme Yaw Misalignment Stress Test on a Multi-MW Wind Turbine
S. S. Iyer, H. S. Pedersen, N. G. C. Janssen, E. G. Marin, ROMO Wind
11:30 Individual Assessment of Wind Turbine Tower Lifetime by Intelligent Monitoring
M. Eckstein, C. Ebert, Wölfel Engineering
11:45Development of a Condition Monitoring Sensor to Detect White Etching Cracks in Wind Turbines using a 4MW Nacelle Test Bench (E)
C. Bernabéu Rojo, G. Jacobs, R. Schelenz, F. Barenhorst, RWTH Aachen University
12:00Discussion & Poster Pitching

Lunch Break

3. Offshore - Floating Lidar / Turbine

Room 3: Lloyd — Chairpersons: A. Rettenmeier, T. Neumann

11:00  Floating LiDAR Measurements: Use a Fireship in the North Sea to Retrieve Long-Term Wind Profiles
B. Canadillas, F. Wilts, H. Decker, C. Krüger, T. Neumann, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)
11:15Measuring Wind Resources with a LiDAR from a Ferry Boat: Results for a Route in the Baltic Sea
J. Gottschall, E. Catalano, M. Dörenkämper, Fraunhofer IWES Northwest, Bremerhaven
11:30 About the Frequency Dependency of Floating-LiDAR Motion Effects
G. Wolken-Möhlmann, L. Baise, D. Kuchma, Tufts University, Medford
11:45Floating LiDAR Update and Future Applications (E)
J. Gottschall, C. Rudolph, Th. Viergutz, B. Lange, Fraunhofer IWES Northwest, Bremerhaven
12:00Discussion & Poster Pitching
12:45Lunch Break
4. Offshore - Wakes

Room 1: Borgward Saal — Chairpersons: D. Stein, B. Lange

13:45  Far Wake Offshore Wind Farm Interaction: First Results of the WIPAFF Project
B. Cañadillas, R. Foreman, T. Neumann, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI); S. Siedersleben, S. Emeis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, IMK-IFU; B. Djath, J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht; A. Platis, J. Bange, University of Tübingen; A. Lampert, Technical University of Braunschweig
14:00Near and Far Field Offshore Wind Turbine Wake Effects Depicted by Satellite SAR in the German Bight (E)
B. Djath, J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG); B. Canadillas, T. Neumann, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI); A. S. K. Siedersleben, S. Emeis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT); A. Platis, J. Bange, University of Tuebingen; A. Lampert, K. Baerfuss, Technische Universität Brauschweig
14:15 High-Resolution SAR-Based Wind Fields Over Offshore Wind Farms: Assessment of Shadowing Effects and Resulting Power Yield Reduction
S. Jacobsen, A. Pleskachevsky, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
14:30The Local Wind Field at Offshore Wind Parks and in their Wake – Its Measurement and Interaction with Airborne Operations (E)
T. Rausch, K. Bärfuss, S. Kocks, P. Frost, T. Feuerle, P. Hecker, A. Lampert, Technische Universität Braunschweig
14:45Discussion & Poster Pitching
15:30Coffee Break
5. Improvement Turbine Operation

Room 2: Kaisen Saal — Chairpersons: A. Natarajan, A. Schaffarczyk

13:45  Blade-Root Based Multi-Camera System for Induced Blade Twist Measurements at Wind Turbine Rotors during Operation (E)
C. Heilmann, A. Grunwald, M. Melsheimer, BerlinWind GmbH
14:00Increasing Turbine Lifetime with Findings of 5000 Operational Years of Blade Monitoring
D. Brenner, J. Reimers, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH
14:15 Performance Monitoring using Spinner Anemometry (E)
H. Hohlen, ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH
14:30Meteorological Icing Condition Detection in Wind Farm with Ceilometer (E)
J. Paldanius, Vaisala Oyj, Vantaa; M. Tuononen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki
14:45Discussion & Poster Pitching
15:30Coffee Break
6. Standards - Site Conditions

Room 3: Lloyd — Chairpersons: J. Rauch, U. Eichfeld

13:45  Evolution of Site-Specific Assessment Requirements in Wind Turbine Certification according to IEC Standards (E)
L. Steer, DEWI-OCC GmbH
14:00Site Calibration compared between Ed.1 and Ed.2 of the IEC 61400-12-1
H. Mellinghoff, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)
14:15 Practical Comparison of IEC 61400-12-1 Site Calibration Correction Methodologies (E)
G. Calvo, F. Pintilie, K. Gracie-Orr, SgurrEnergy, Glasgow
14:30Update on the Works on IEC 61400-15 for Wind Resource Assessment, Energy Yield Analysis and Site Suitability Input Estimation
K. Mönnich, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)
14:45Discussion & Poster Pitching
15:30Coffee Break
7. Grid Integration

Room 1: Borgward Saal — Chairpersons: O. Carlson, K. Rohrig

16:00  Development of New Measurement and Analysis Methods for Harmonic Evaluation of Wind Turbines and Farms for Grid Connection (D)
F. Santjer, UL International GmbH (UL DEWI)
16:15Investigation of Rotor Model Complexity for Electrical Certification Test of WEC on Test Benches (D) 
T. Jersch, C. Mehler, M. Neshati, Fraunhofer IWES Northwest
16:30 Optimum Wind Turbine-Site Matching for Power System Optimisation (E)
A. Kies, Jonas Hoersch, D. Schlachtberger, T. Brown, S. Schramm, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies; B. Schyska, ForWind, Oldenburg
16:45Quantification of Grid Related Energy Yield Losses: Experience Gained in Germany Offshore (E) 
M. Strack, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
17:00Discussion & Poster Pitching
8. Simulation Wind Turbine

Room 2: Kaisen Saal — Chairpersons: J. Twele, C. Bottasso

16:00  Design Load Determination by Detailed Flexible Multibody-System Simulation Models (E)
B. Schlecht, T. Rosenlöcher, Technische Universität Dresden
16:15Experimental Identification of Modal Parameters of a Wind Turbine and Comparison to Multibody Simulations (E)
J. Zierath, S.-E. Rosenow, R. Bockhahn, W2E Wind to Energy; R. Rachholz, A. Schulze, Ch. Woernle, University of Rostock
16:30 Integrated Substructure Analysis for Wind Turbines under Seismic Loading (E)
M. Kretschmer, P. W. Cheng, University of Stuttgart
16:45Load-Direction-Derived Support Structures for Wind Turbines: A Lattice Tower Concept (D)
A. Struve, T. Faber, University of Applied Sciences Flensburg; R. Damiani, J. Jonkman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, U.S; T. Ummenhofer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
17:00Discussion & Poster Pitching
9. Noise Emissions

Room 3: Lloyd — Chairpersons: O. Bunk, S. Schulz

16:00  Comparison of Noise Emissions Characteristics of Large Modern Wind Turbines for Normal and Noise Reduced Operation Modes (E) 
L. Chamerois, Eol-C, Montpellie
16:15Acoustic and Seismic Emissions from Wind Turbines (E)
F. Calarco, P. W. Cheng, Stuttgarter Wind Energy (SWE); T. Zieger, J. Ritter, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
16:30 Interaction of Low-Frequency Micro-Seismic and Acoustic Emissions of Wind Turbines with Different Foundation Designs (E)
S. Chrisopoulos, P. Kudella, T. Triantafyllidis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT); T. V. Gortsas, University of Patras, Greece
16:45Aeroacoustic Assessment of Rotor Blades by Means of Numerical Methods (D)
B. Faßmann, N. Reiche, R. Ewert, M. Herr, J. Delfs, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
17:00Discussion & Poster Pitching
Poster Exhibition with Authors Present

Room 4: Poster Session - 17:30-19:00

The authors will be available for discussion of their posters and answering of questions. A simultaneous translation is not available.

Beer Reception & Networking (more here)

The beer reception taking place in the Foyer at the same time is a good opportunity for networking with the other participants.

Conference Dinner (more here)

Location: Bremer Ratskeller - 20:00

Bremer Ratskeller, Am Markt, 28195 Bremen, Tel: 0421/321676